The Fallen Star..

Who now knows you?
I remembered the other day,when my spirit almost left my torso,when my bone almost refused to aid me with the right stature.
I came running to you for casted a poor glance at me calling me names with cleanched almost sent my spirit to the nadir.
I walked away even after you couldn’t aid my problems, which you had the power to, yet you let me walked out without calling me back,yes i remembered,you laughed behind watching me go,Ah poor me., you didn’t know your laughter the other day spurred me to work harder,
Here i am today and there you are today,
where are your estates?
where are your expensive automobiles?
where are your wives and concubines?
where is it all?
it is all gone,even the power that made you powerful,now you stand here asking for help,it was all like yesterday…

**Moral Lesson**
Always help those in need because you can never know when you need them,so you wouldn’t be like the fallen star that can never rise to shine no more.take heed


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